Dave Meyer: Owner & Head Trainer

   Qualifications & Experience:


  • 2016- Present: Owner and Head Trainer of Allegiant K9s

  • 2011- 2016: Full-time Certified Guide Dog Trainer for Leader Dogs for the Blind                   

  • 2014: Helper/decoy for personal protection dog training with Elite-K9

  • 11+ years experience with behavior modification 

  • 9 yrs experience with advanced off leash training

  • 2001 Sled dog "musher" for Spirit of the North                                                                             

  • Expert in Clicker/Marker Training 

  • 9 years experience working with E-Collars

  • "Proof in the pudding:" hundreds of videos showing RESULTS on Allegiant K9s Facebook page

Dave graduated from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. He pursued a career in teaching in which he taught 7 years of middle school in NC and one year of high school abroad in Ecuador. Throughout his teaching years, Dave worked with various dog daycares, rescue groups, and shelters. Dave's passion for dogs began to grow. He traveled to Montana to begin to learn and work with sled dogs as a "dog musher." At that point he knew he was ready for a career change. Dave wanted a career that would allow him to fullfill his three passions in life: working with dogs, being in the outdoors, and helping people. His passion led to years of researching employment as a service dog trainer, visiting dog organizations around the country, and speaking with various personal in the dog training community. His research, along with his passion and dedication led him to Michigan where he was a full-time guide dog trainer for 5 years with Leader Dogs for the Blind; one of the largest and most respected guide dog organizations in the world. Dave completed a 3 yr long apprenticeship that provided him with a solid education on dog training, dog behavior, practical applications, and working with individuals that have physical impairments.  

Throuhout the years in Michigan, Dave also volunteered his time with a local rescue group and as a decoy/agitator for personal protection dogs. Allegiant K9s grew at a rapid rate and Dave made the decision to operate Allegiant K9s full time and move the business to his hometown of Charlotte, NC in June of 2016. Ever since its opening, Dave has seen the business continue to grow month by month as satisfied clients are spreading the word about his training. Dave is absolutely passionate about training dogs and helping dog owners build a more positive and meaningful relationship with their dog(s). Dave's training focuses on 3 main areas: Behavior Modification (fear, anxiety, aggression, etc), Obedience, and Advanced Off Leash Training. He is quickly becoming one of Charlotte's most well known and sought after dogs trainers. 

When Dave is not training, he enjoys whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, hiking with his own dogs and spending time with family and friends. 

Allegiant K9s Training  
Charlotte, NC