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In-Home Training

II. Adventure Off Leash


$1,400 /  8 Sessions/ E Collar Included 


Enjoy the Off Leash Life (and more) with your dog! For many dog owners, the 3 most important skills a dog can learn are Leash Heeling, Respecting "No" (stopping unwanted behaviors) and... RELIABLE OFF LEASH RECALL! If those are the 3 main goals you want to achieve with your dog, this is the perfect program for you and your dog. Enjoy nice calm leash walks without any pulling or lunging and enjoy being able to take your dog off leash for things like fetch, hiking, camping, swimming, etc and have the peace of mind that your dog will return to you when called... even around distractions. Plus... stop all the silly unwanted behaviors as well like jumping, counter-surfing, barking, etc. 

  • 8 In-Home Sessions (60-90 minutes each): 6-7 sessions are with just Dave and the dog and 1-2 sessions are with Dave, owner & dog. Sessions are conducted in the owner's neighborhood and a local parks and/or hiking trail.

  • Skills taught:

        1. Loose Leash Heeling

        2. Off Leash Heeling

        3. Off Leash Recall ("Come")

        4. ​Teaching your dog to respect "No": Stopping unwanted behaviors like jumping, counter-surfing, barking, etc. 


  • Dave feels ALL dogs should learn a solid recall/come from a day-to-day logistical and safety perspective; however, only dogs that are RELIABLY FRIENDLY around people and dogs should ever be purposely taken off the leash for fun adventures (ie: off leash hiking, fetch in an open field, off leash mtn bike run-alongs, off leash at the beach, etc). 

  • E Collar Included ($200 VALUE)

  • Additional sessions related to original program skill sets: $125 

  • No access to pack events or overnight dog camps

Yellow Lab Ozzie goes from pulling machine to OFF LEASH "heeling"

Off Leash Backcountry Hiking...

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