Shelter Dogs: We do not need you to feel sorry for us. We need you to lead us.

You are looking at a dog that was severely abused. You are looking at a dog that was at a high kill shelter. You are looking at a street stray. You are looking at a dog that was highly fear aggressive. We are the unwanted... the shelter dogs. So there it is: We come with "issues." We know that. We appreciate that humans want to help us. Compassion, love and patience are all needed when it comes to dogs like us, so thank you. However, it seems that humans get very caught up in the compassion, love and patience and forget the other things we need (and do not need). So we'd like to set the record straight on just a few things: 1. We do not need you to feel sorry for us. We have received enough

"You do realize we are dogs and not robots, right?

So there it is... you have worked with your dog and its training on a regular basis. You have been consistent, patient, and thorough. You have even hired a trainer! Yet... sometimes things are still not perfect. Fido's recall (coming when called) isn't always a "bee line" drive or Fido's sit is a bit sloppy some days or Fido reacted to another dog on a walk the other day. You and your dog have worked so hard and you have made so much progress! What happened in these moments? What went wrong? While owners may be quick to blame themselves, blame training or blame the dogs, we cannot forget one major element: dogs are dogs. They are living, breathing, thinking beings with their own instincts, d

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