Teach your dog to value & respect "No."

We all love our dogs- that is a given. We can love our dogs, enjoy our dogs and have a lot of fun with our dogs, but... that doesn't mean we have to allow them to do whatever they want whenever they want. No one likes a bratty child and no one likes a bratty dog. Not only is bratty behavior annoying but it is unhealthy. So... does your dog truly value and respect "No?" Jumping. Digging. Barking at the mailman, other dogs or people. Counter-surfing. Fence-running. Pawing for attention. Crate tantrums. Chewing. Begging at the table. Getting on furniture. Pestering the young kids or other pet dog. Chasing squirrels. The list goes on and on. When you tell your dog "No" in these situations, does

Simply ignoring your dog's bad behaviors & rewarding good behaviors will NOT make the bad be

"Ignore bad behaviors (and/or simply redirect the dog) AND... reward good behaviors and the bad behaviors will go away." If you truly believe this then try it with your children: reward their good behavior and simply ignore all their bad behavior/choices- no consequences at all. Good luck! :) Tell "ignore bad behaviors" to owners with the following: 1. The dog that continues to bark non-stop at every little thing... even when barking is ignored & "quiet" is rewarded 2. The dog that continues to lunge, bark, growl and/or tries to attack other dogs or human strangers... despite redirection techniques and treat giving. 3. The young dog that is so "mouthy" it has left his owners with bite marks

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