Honesty Does Not Exist in a Dog's World

Things like Honesty & Integrity do not exist in a dog’s world. There are no such things as honesty or integrity to a dog. However.... OPPORTUNITY... now that absolutely exists in a dog’s world. Do not expect your dog to “do the right thing because that is the right thing to do.” True story: I had to take Sawyer to the Vet today for a routine Lepto vaccine shot. Now... Sawyer is a young, friendly, high energy, high drive, ready-to-go kind of dog. He is also very well trained. Due to COVID-19 my Vet clinic is doing curbside service. The Vet tech met me at my car and she took Sawyer on leash while I waited in my car. Sawyer “heeled” with the Vet tech for about 2 seconds and then he pulled on le

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