Allegiant K9s Training  
Charlotte, NC 

Allegiant K9s Pack Walks, Hikes & Socials


Pack Walks, Hikes and Socials are a blast and they are completely FREE to attend for all Allegiant K9s clients/dogs! They are designed to be FUN and they provide a great opportunity for you and your dog to work on leash walking, proper play and socialization (during our off leash pack play sessions) and public obedience... all while meeting other awesome dogs and owners in the process. Of course Dave and/or Mary will be present to offer support and guidance. Most importantly- we are all there to support one another. We all have amazing successes with our dogs and we all have embarrassing and less than stellar moments with our dogs (Dave included-lol). Pack walks, hikes and socials are judgement-free sessions. We roll with the mishaps and celebrate the successes and... we love our dogs for NOT being robots!  Now lets get our dogs out and Pup Up :) 

  • Spots are limited. You MUST RSVP to emails to reserve your spot! 

  • Locations: various parks, walkways, etc. throughout the Charlotte and surrounding areas. Dave will announce location and time via group email. 

  • Frequency: approximately 1 pack walk per month. Dates and times will be announced ahead of time via group email.

  • Rain or shine (within reason) 

  • 10 Day program: FREE access for 2 years for on-going support

  • 21 Day program: FREE LIFE-LONG access for on-going support

  • All dogs must be on leash during pack walks

  • Maximum # of clients per walk: 15

  • Reactive dogs must wear a YELLOW bandanna during pack walks to notify others that their dog has reactivity issues. 

  • Please be prepared for you and your dog: proper clothing, water, sun screen, any communication equipment you are using with your dog (E Collar, Gentle Leader, prong collar, leash, muzzle, treats and treat pouch, clicker, etc)


1. Only available to clients and dogs that have been through training (leash walking) with Dave & Allegiant K9s (5  in-home sessions or more and/or any length of Board and Train program).

2. Ideally, dogs should have a fairly good public "sit-stay" and "down-stay" with distractions present as we will be incorporating some fun group obedience sessions throughout the walks.