Equipment & Gear

We support and/or use all of the equipment and gear on this page. Obviously, we always recommend that a dog owner works with a professional trainer when training their dog, especially when training with new equipment for the first time. 

Dogtra website:

Slip Leash

We like both Mendota and Remmington brands. You will be able to find various colors with a search on 



Ruffwear Gear:

AOFITEE Winter Dog JacketsNote: These run VERY SMALL. My personal dogs, Ralphie (62 lbs) and Sawyer (51 lbs) wear XXL and they fit them great.

Lucky Pet ID tags. Your dog's E Collar neck band can weave into this ID collar. 

3/4"  is for the ET 300 Mini Educator Collar

1"     is for the ET 800 Boss Collar

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