Have a High Energy Dog? Yes, exercise is important, but so is teaching your dog to "settle."

Have a high energy/high drive dog? I always remind my clients, "You build your own beast." You won't find a bigger proponent of exercise for dogs than me and while exercise is really important, especially for high energy dogs, it is still a good idea to teach dogs how to be calm as well and it can be learned... even for high energy dogs.

One main way to teach dogs how to relax is through a solid "place" command. When "place" is taught correctly, the dog quickly learns that their place bed is a safe, positive and good place to be. They learn that other behaviors (ie: pacing within the home, barking out the window, getting into trashcans, pestering another household pet, constantly soliciting attentions from humans, etc) are no longer viable options and they receive consequences. By taking away all the bad options, the dog is only left with one good option: remaining calm on it's place bed and as a result... the dog learns how to be calm in various situations.

In addition to a solid "place," I always recommend for clients to take time to "settle" or relax with their dog in public. Take them for their run, hike or bike ride or whatever you like to do with your dog, but then after the activity, find a nice spot and just relax with them for a few minutes. Teach them that every time you grab the leash or E Collar and leave the house it doesn't always mean GO-GO-GO 90 mph!!!! or that is exactly what they will expect and exactly what they will do. Then the one time you want to relax and settle with them at an outdoor dog pub or picnic bench they won't know how. Teach them we can hike, bike, camp, swim, run, fetch, etc but sometimes... we just relax and watch the world go by :) It also helps significantly if you teach them solid obedience (ie: down-stay) so they have a further skill set on how to behave in certain situations. It will pay big dividends for the relationship between you and your dog in the long run.

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