The dangers of SAND for a dog...

We are all aware of the dangers of dogs eating foreign objects: socks, plastic baggies, rocks, kids' toys, pieces of furniture, unsafe dog toys, etc but what about SAND?

Sand impaction can be a very serious condition for a dog (life threatening) and can happen quicker than one would think and is probably more common than one would think. A simple trip to the beach with your dog or having a sandbox in the backyard can be potential hazards.

Sand impaction occurs when a dog eats sand and the sand enters the intestines. The sand can cause a blockage. Symptoms can vary but could include the dog demonstrating discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea with blood and/or sand, less interest in food for water, and lethargy.

If you suspect your dog has eaten some sand you should contact your Veterinarian or Animal Emergency Clinic immediately as they will be equipped to properly assess and care for your canine buddy.

Have fun with your dogs but please be aware and keep them safe!

Dave Meyer

Allegiant K9s

"Balanced Training - Balanced Dogs"

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