Simply ignoring your dog's bad behaviors & rewarding good behaviors will NOT make the bad be

"Ignore bad behaviors (and/or simply redirect the dog) AND... reward good behaviors and the bad behaviors will go away." If you truly believe this then try it with your children: reward their good behavior and simply ignore all their bad behavior/choices- no consequences at all. Good luck! :)

Tell "ignore bad behaviors" to owners with the following:

1. The dog that continues to bark non-stop at every little thing... even when barking is ignored & "quiet" is rewarded

2. The dog that continues to lunge, bark, growl and/or tries to attack other dogs or human strangers... despite redirection techniques and treat giving.

3. The young dog that is so "mouthy" it has left his owners with bite marks and scars... despite redirection techniques for mouthy behavior and/or rewarding non-mouthy behavior.

4. The dog that continues to "fence run" or "fence fight" over and over and over with passer-bys despite trying to ignore the poor behavior and reward calm/non reactive behavior.

5. The "social butterfly" dog that continues to jump (out of excitement) on people, including children and elderly adults, despite trying to ignore jumping and reward sitting.

6. The dog that will not come when called despite treat lures, marker/clicker training and bribing.

7. The dog that continues to paw, scratch, bark, and pounce at the back door to be let inside... despite ignoring that behavior and then letting the dog when they are calm.

8. That dog that continues to pull on leash over and over and over... every few feet.... despite rewards and praise for not pulling and/or attempts of an anti-pull harness or Gentle Leader.

As a dog trainer, of course I ignore some minor bad behaviors, especially in the beginning stages of training with a new dog... and that is effective to a small degree in that particular moment (but does not last). There MUST be some type of consequence for unwanted behavior if we want the unwanted behavior to go away (with results of longevity). It needs to be a consequence that MEANS SOMETHING TO THE DOG & THE DOG TAKES SERIOUSLY (every dog is different). No species on the planet (including both canines & humans) lives in an only positive world... where good choices are always rewarded and poor choices are simply ignored. There is nothing wrong with accountability :) In fact, it brings harmony and balance and it makes life so much better... for both humans and canines.

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