Dogs do not Make Life Easier. They Make Life Better.

I am a big believer that most things in life that are worthwhile & rewarding take WORK: one's career, a relationship, health and fitness, spirituality, personal growth... all take WORK, and.... dogs are no different. If you are not willing to put in the work, then don't take on the challenge. "Dave, I just want to walk my dog, hold the leash and not worry and/or think about anything." Well...maybe you shouldn't have a dog I know it sounds callous but its truthful. Can parents take their 6 year old child through a zoo or amusement park and not worry or think about anything? Of course not. Being responsible for another living being will ALWAYS be work. Regardless of how well trained your dog is or how great of a parent you are... being responsible for another living being (that cannot take care of itself) will ALWAYS require more work than if they were not there... but... its worth it

So lets just take this simple picture of my 2 younger dogs, Ralphie and Sawyer, attached to this post, that I adopted a little over a year ago....

1. I adopted both dogs when they were about 2 years old. I did a 5 day "staycation" or evaluation of them first... that was a lot of WORK. I put both dogs through my intensive 3 week training program.... that was a lot of WORK. They graduated the training program but it was only 3 weeks... the WORK continues to fine-tune things and continue to grow.

2. I will most likely have Ralphie and Sawyer for 10-13 years (given I adopted them at 2 yrs old)... that will run me about $30,000- $40,000 dollars in food, regular Vet care and vaccinations, toys, equipment, etc.... IF they remain healthy. And... they were FREE to adopt and their training was FREE (I know a trainer- LOL). The expense of raising Ralphie and Sawyer (and all my past dogs as well) will not make my life easier, but again... so worth it.

3. Ralphie and Sawyer go on tons of adventures with me: local hikes and walks, overnight camping trips, mtn bike rides, etc. They have awesome temperaments and are very well trained and very well-behaved, but even with all that... bringing them on my adventures will always be more work than if I just left them at home. But again... so worth it as bringing them makes those adventures so much more enjoyable and meaningful.

Expect to put in the work with you dog(s) and expect to be rewarded when you do

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