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Board and Train
All equipment included: E Collar, Place bed and Long Line ($250+ value)
3 Private sessions included 

Dave only takes in 2 Board and Train dogs at a time and dogs receive training, engagement, & play/socialization 7 days a week.

This is a 17 day immersion training program in which Dave will do all the foundational training for you. Your dog will live with Dave for 17 days while receiving training and play/socialization every single day. Dogs are trained in a variety of environments such as neighborhoods, walking paths, local parks and hiking trails, US National Whitewater Center, pet-friendly stores like Lowes, Home Depot and Cabelas, etc. Owners receive constant updates (pictures and videos) of their dog's progress during it's 17 day journey of training. Once your dog has a solid foundation of training then it is your turn to be trained :) After the immersion Board and Train program, Dave will provide you 3 complementary private sessions (up to 2 hours each) in your home environment and your local area to help teach you how to communicate, handle and engage with your dog properly. You will also have FREE access to Allegiant K9s Pack Walks & Hikes for on-going support. The program covers all the major skill sets a dog and owner need to be successful in various situations & environments:

1. Heel on leash 

2. Heel off leash

3. Sit

4. Down

5. Stay

6. Place

7. Come

8. Let's go (less formal than "come")

9. Crate

10. Doorway Manners/Thresholds

11. Vehicle Entry/Exit

12. Impulse Control Training

13. "No" for all unwanted behaviors (barking, jumping, counter-surfing, digging, playing too rough, etc)

14. Break (released from command)

* FREE access to Allegiant K9s Pack Events and Pack Walks

* Access to Allegiant K9s Overnight Dog Camps

*Note: Behavioral issues like leash reactivity and dominant/pushy behavior can be addressed with this program if the behavior is minor to moderate in severity. Dogs that have more severe behavioral issues would need to participate in a Private In-Home Training Program with Dave or Dave can recommend other reputable local trainers that offer longer Board and Train programs for dogs with more severe behavioral issues. 


* 3 private sessions (up to 2 hours each) included with the program (additional support sessions are $100 each)

* E Collar, Place bed and Long line are all included ($250+ value)

  • Collage Video of shelter dog, "Red", that participated in Dave's Board and Train Program

  • Red has been adopted since the video and is living a great life with his new family :) 

  • Note: activities like training a dog to go on mtn bike rides (like "Red" in the video) do require extra time/days for training and have additional fees for the extra time/training.

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