Initial Consultation         

 Phone:   FREE      /       In-Home:   $75


All training programs begin with an initial consultation and this can be done with a simple phone conversation or if you would prefer, Dave can come to your home to meet you, your family and of course your dog in person. During the consultation, you and Dave will discuss your dog's behaviors, your life-style/home-environment, training goals and expectations as well as all aspects pertaining to the actual training program: daily training schedules, tools used, skills taught, behaviors modified, Dave's availability, follow-up support, pack walks, etc. Dave will of course answer all of your questions.


*In-home evaluations are not required for dogs that are generally "happy-go-lucky" and/or in need of minor to moderate behavior modification for unwanted behaviors. Dogs that have any serious issues with aggression and/or fear are required to have an in-home consultation. 

I.  Board & Train Training

The most consistent and thorough training possible that produces the most reliable results for owners and their dogs.


All dogs must be at least 6 months old  & updated on vaccinations for Board & Training Training

3 Week Board & Train                                                                                                    $3,000

  •   Obedience + Leash walking + Full Off leash 

  •   4 private 1-on-1 sessions (up to 2 hours each) for on-going support 

  •   Life-long access to Allegiant K9s pack walks, hikes and socials for on-going support    

  •   All training equipment (E Collar, Place bed, Long line) included in price ($230 value)

  •   # of environments dogs are trained in: 5-7

  •   An additional week may be needed (but is rare) for dogs with severe behavioral issues.  Additional charge for one extra week: $500

This is a 3 week immersion training program that does it all for you and your dog! The program covers all the major skill sets a dog and owner need to be successful in various situations & environments: leash walking, off leash walking, sit, down, stay, place, come (off leash recall), break released from a command), impulse control training, doorway manners, car entry/exit, and "no" to correct any and all unwanted behaviors like jumping, barking, counter-surfing, digging, playing too rough, etc. Dave & his team will only work with 3-4 dogs at a time & dogs are trained 6-7 days a week, several times throughout the day in various real-world environments for ultimate "proofing" of behaviors, confidence building, & generalization of skill sets. You will receive 4 private one-on-one sessions (up to 2 hours each) with Dave to ensure your dog's behaviors transfer to your home environment.  You will also have LIFE-LONG free access to the monthly Allegiant K9s Pack Walks for on-going support for the life of your dog! 

From calm home behavior to solid on and off leash walking/hiking/games of fetch, to taking your dog to local parks, pet-friendly stores, outdoor festivals, the beach, camping trips... to being able to enjoy outdoor patio lunches with your dog laying calmly at your feet...  you and your dog will have the confidence and skill sets necessary to enjoy life's adventures together. Let the adventures begin and enjoy the journey! 

*  E Collar, Place bed and Long line are all INLCUDED with the program

*  Minor to moderate behavioral issues can be be addressed with this program as well. Dogs with severe behavioral issues would need to participate in a 4 week program.  The extra week of training costs an additional $500. 

II. Pack Walks, Hikes and Socials

  • Full details are on the "Pack Walks" page of this website

  • Pack walks, hikes and socials take place 1-4 times per month at various parks, greenways, and hiking trail systems

  • FREE for Allegiant K9s clients/dogs for LIFE of the dog. 

  • Pack walks, hikes and socials are excellent for keeping your dog's skills sharp in real world environments as well as keeping your dog well socialized around other well-behaved dogs.

III. Allegiant K9s Camps

  • Offered 2-3 times a year for Allegiant K9s graduate dogs only

  • Camps are 3-5 consecutive days/nights in which the dogs get a ton of structured socialization, group play, hiking on trails, & group "place" work. 

  • These camps usually fill up within a few hours once they are announced via private group email. Priority always goes to those graduate dogs that have not had the chance to participate in a camp.  

  • Prices vary depending on what is offered.

IV. Allegiant K9s Overnight Hiking/Camping Trips     NEW!

Video collage of September 2020 hiking/camping trip in western NC: Graveyard Fields to Black Balsam Knob

  • NEW! 

  • These are 2 day/1 night hiking/camping adventures!

  • These adventures take place a few times a year between May- October.

  • FREE for clients for LIFE of their dog. 

  • Trails are generally 10-15 miles in length and rated moderate to difficult with challenging terrain and lots of elevation change. Participants need to be in good health and good physical condition.

  • Backcountry camping- this is an adventure! 

  • These camping trips are truly a unique experience and owners will start to experience an entire new level of bonding with their dog. 

* 1/2 payment secures your dog's dates for training & is non-refundable. The other 1/2 payment is due the first day training starts.

* All purchases made with a credit card are subjected to an additional 3% charge for their use

* All pricing is good for a 40 mile round trip drive from the US National Whitewater Center. Clients farther than a 40 mile round trip will need to pay an additional $1.00 per mile for Dave's time and vehicle usage. This surcharge applies to evaluations, in-home training and for any potential follow up sessions in the client's home/area. 

* All pricing and services are subject to change at anytime.

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