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Initial Consultation

Phone: Free

In-Home: $100

All training programs begin with an initial consultation and this can be done with a simple phone conversation or if you would prefer, Dave can come to your home to meet you, your family and of course your dog in person. During the consultation, you and Dave will discuss your dog's behaviors, your life-style/home-environment, training goals and expectations as well as all aspects pertaining to the actual training program: daily training schedules, tools used, skills taught, behaviors modified, follow-up support, pack walks, etc. Dave will of course answer all of your questions.



*In-home evaluations are not required for dogs that are generally "happy-go-lucky" and/or in need of minor to moderate behavior modification for unwanted behaviors. Dogs that have any serious issues with aggression and/or fear are required to have an in-home consultation. 

To get an initial consultation scheduled, please fill out the Contact Us form below. Please be sure to read about Dave's philosophy and training tools on the website before requesting a consultation. Thank you! 

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