Dog Training Videos

"Seeing is Believing!" 

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Group "Place" work with distractions

"Before" & "After" with their OWNERS Video: HIGHLY reactive Doodle Guinness & Cattle-Dog mix Sydney. AWESOME results in just 3 weeks! 

1 yr old Malinois, Luna, off leash around heavy distractions. 

Hover Boarding with 2 dogs off leash

Before & After (with their owners): Reactive GSD Mia and Rescue Dog Milo. Awesome results in  3 weeks!

     Public "Down-Stays" in a HIGHLY distracting environment: Shiba Inu Copper & Doodle Willow  

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        BEFORE & AFTER Training Video! 

"Ozzie" went from a pulling machine on leash to having a perfect OFF LEASH heel!

Leash Walking: Collage video of several dogs going from pulling on leash to walking in a heel in just 2 sessions...

Adventure OFF LEASH:

 Mountain Biking Trail Dogs: Collage of 9 different dogs! 

Meet extremely fearful Pit bull "Red." Red's owners contacted Dave & Allegiant K9s for help as they are very active individuals that WANT to take their dog places. The problem: Red was terrified... of everything! Terrified of people, noises, the leash...everything! Check out his progress to the right after working with Dave/Allegiant K9s! 

  Less than 1 week of training with "Red" 

           Significant improvement!