Dog Training Videos

"Seeing is Believing!" 

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4 dogs from 4 different households working on obedience simultaneously. 

"Before" & "After" with their OWNERS Video: HIGHLY reactive Doodle Guinness & Cattle-Dog mix Sydney. AWESOME results in just 3 weeks! 

1 yr old Malinois, Luna, off leash around heavy distractions. 

Hover Boarding with 2 dogs off leash

5 dogs working on "place" with distractions...

Before & After (with their owners): Reactive GSD Mia and Rescue Dog Milo. Awesome results in  3 weeks!

Meet extremely fearful Pit bull "Red." Red's owners contacted Dave & Allegiant K9s for help as they are very active individuals that WANT to take their dog places. The problem: Red was terrified... of everything! Terrified of people, noises, the leash...everything! Check out his progress to the right after working with Dave/Allegiant K9s! 

     Public "Down-Stays" in a HIGHLY distracting environment: Shiba Inu Copper & Doodle Willow  

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        BEFORE & AFTER Training Video! 

"Ozzie" went from a pulling machine on leash to having a perfect OFF LEASH heel!

Stopping unwanted jumping & barking in 90 seconds...

Leash Walking: Collage video of several dogs going from pulling on leash to walking in a heel in just 2 sessions...

Adventure OFF LEASH:

 Mountain Biking Trail Dogs: Collage of 9 different dogs! 

  Less than 1 week of training with "Red" 

           Significant improvement!

Bacon working on obedience and being introduced to E Collar pressure. This is his FIRST session with E Collar pressure for obedience. Few notes:

1. The E Collar blinks green (showing that it is on). It turns RED when the dog is receiving pressure. The handler has the ability to turn pressure on or off.
2. Before introducing E Collar for obedience I make sure the dog KNOWS the commands first (with positive reinforcement). 
3. I give a command while creating pressure via E Collar SIMULTANEOUSLY. In the video here Bacon is learning to associate pressure with 4 commands: place, sit, down, and break. Generally speaking I release the pressure the moment the dog starts to comply. At certain times the dog may feel pressure until it actually completes the entire task (depends on dog and situation).
4. I use VERY VERY LOW levels of pressure. They are NOT punitive by any means. It is teaching the dog to associate certain commands with pressure and the dog learns how to turn the pressure off- by completing the task/command. 
5. The dog must receive pressure every time with the command in the beginning- so the dog learns to associate pressure with the command. After a few sessions we will start to move towards VERBAL ONLY commands and then ONLY use E Collar when the dog doesn’t comply. If I phase e collar out too quickly the dog won’t know what it means when we do use it. 
6. I help the dog turn pressure off by helping the dog through commands (using my body movements, leash, food lures, hand gestures, etc). Eventually I will help the dog less and less and expect the dog to respond to simple pressure on its own. 
7. There are still NO corrections (other than verbal corrections of “Eh!”) at this stage of learning. I simply redirect the dog back into the correct position or repeat commands with pressure. 
8. Why E Collar? Reliability. Safety (especially for recall- coming when called and off leash situations ). Equalizer- doesn’t require strength to handle big strong dogs (especially during leash walking). Calm communication (no yanking on the dog, no raising voices, no chasing dog around to get them in a crate, etc). Effective-even from a distance. Eventually no bribing. Because there are a million situations and scenarios a dog will simply ignore a verbal command regardless of rewards. Simply put- sometimes things in the environment are wayyyy more interesting than us, what we have to offer and our commands.

        Understanding E Collar Pressure:

Rescue dog "Bacon" during his 1st session         with E Collar pressure for obedience. More explanation to the RIGHT...