"I cannot recommend Dave enough! I have a miniature schnauzer puppy... which sounds easy, I know, but it absolutely was not. In the house, he was a little angel, but the second we went outside, he turned into a terror! He barked at everything that moved: people, bikes, dogs, ANYTHING. It drew so much attention that I was embarrassed to take him outside for a walk. Not what I imagined when I picked up my cute little puppy: I wanted such a "portable" dog so I could take him with me on hikes, to restaurants, etc... that wasn't happening! Enter Dave. After two weeks of board and train, pup is basically a different dog. No more lunging and barking! He's so well behaved now that I hardly ever use the leash (something Dave didn't think we'd get to). We've gone to restaurants, walked around the busy city, and even played fetch in my non-fenced in backyard- all stress-free. Compared to the money I would've spent on PetSmart lessons, this is the best investment I could've made in the quality of life for me and my pup. My only regret is that I didn't send pup for longer so he could learn even more!"

                                                                -Veronica & "Fib"      Fort Mill, SC

Dave Meyer and his training style completely changed my life and my dog's as well. Ayo began as a very dog aggressive animal. He could not get close to any other dog without a major aggressive mode. Within weeks Ayo is a changed dog. I can walk him around other dogs without incident. Dave got Ayo to respond and learn while having fun doing it. My dog is 9 years old and has been difficult to control his entire life. But that has all changed. I can enjoy walking my dog and I know he enjoys it too.    Thank you Dave.

                                                                         -Heather & "Ayo"  Charlotte, NC

Aggressive Dog Rehab Charlotte
Obedience Training Charlotte

We found Dave/Allegiant when we were at the end of our rope with our sheepdog poodle mix puppy. Our two kids wanted the dog so bad, however, they grew to fear the dog and could not be out in the yard with the dog. When Dave came along, the dog was nipping at the children, tackling them when they tried to run in the yard, urinating in house, counter surfing, tugging uncontrollably when on a walk, and barking incessantly. Long winded but important to provide background as to what Dave was up against. Dave was great from day one and was committed to making Molly a functioning member and blessing to our family. He went above and beyond to make sure we understood the techniques and methodolgy employed and spent extra time with us almost weekly. Since training with Dave we get complemented almost daily on how well behaved our dog Molly is. She walks off leash like a show dog, plays with the kids and gives them space to run, and even enjoys playing fetch. A totally transformed dog. We were sad to see Dave leave Michigan, our loss is Charlotte, North Carolina's gain. By far the best and most caring, dedicated dog trainer there is.                                       

                                                                                                               -James S. & "Molly"

"Dave Meyer helped not only my dog, but also myself in such a way that we are eternally grateful for. No amount of gratitude would be enough to express my thankfulness to the incredible feat he has tackled for both my dog and me." 


                                                                                            -Matthew and "Axxal"    

German Shepherd Dog Training
Great Pyrenees Dog Trainin

We've been so busy recommending Dave and booking additional training, that we haven't made time to write the man a review!! We love Dave!! Our dogs love Dave!! Two years ago, we brought home a litter of puppies that were found on the side of the road. We kept the brindle pup, Chaga, as the 5th dog for our pack, and my folks adopted 2 of her sisters. They are all what we affectionately refer to as "long and low" dogs of basset and plott hound influence. She grew to be very possessive of us, her food, her toys, everything. When she began growling, bearing teeth, and drew blood from playing too hard with our senior pup, we knew we needed help. We were immediately impressed with Dave. We went with a month long board and train and were near tears when she came home calm, collected, and still her beautiful playful self, but with so much confidence!! Her foundation with this training gives us room to grow with her and has positively influenced the entire pack. We now love dog adventures and her new freedom is freedom for all of us. Dave has since worked with our Great Pyreneese for Off Leash training and is now working with Chaga's sisters for my folks! It was a huge decision for us, as it is an investment. We not only believe it was worth every bit, but are floored with the support and education that Dave continues to provide. A true professional from beginning to end, you can tell Dave loves what he does.

                                                                  - Laura, Dave "Chaga" & "Auryn"   Charlotte NC

After putting down my Golden love of 9 years, Bella I quickly acquired a 9 month old Chocolate Lab puppy I named Bailey. After a week of both of us crying ourselves to sleep and another two weeks of "oh what have I done" moments I reached out to friends for training suggestions. Good friends of mine quickly recommended Dave as their saving grace for helping with their puppy. After watching videos and reading testimonials I decided to send him an email. He was fast to respond and set up a home appointment. I was sure my dog, who acted more like "Denis the Menace" in my eyes was going to be a long work in progress. After seeing what Dave was able to accomplish in just one session was enough to make my jaw drop. He is a fantastic, honest, hard working guy who treated my Bailey with patience and love. I have spread his praise through my circle of friends and couldn't be happier. Not only has it made my life better having a better behaved dog, but I know it has made Baileys better too. Thank you so much Dave. You Rock!

                                                                                       -Melissa & "Bailey"    Charlotte, NC

Chocolate Lab dog
Training Labradoodles Charlotte

"After seeing a flyer for Allegiant K9s, I gave Dave a call. I spoke to seven dog trainers and Dave made the best first impression. He began training our puppy Winston at 16 weeks and 5 months later, we have the dog of our dreams! Dave's patience, guidance and above all his incredible talent got us to where we are now. Winston spent 10 days with Dave in December for off leash and e-collar training. Dave took such great care of him! He communicated with us daily and sent us videos, pictures and even took Winston to the vet when he developed an ear infection. We were out of the country, but we had complete peace of mind that Winston was in good hands. The most compelling part of what Dave does is the partnership he establishes with his clients. As a first time dog owner, Dave was very encouraging. He always answered my texts and praised our efforts. Parents need confirmation just as much as their doggies do. I could write a book about Dave's talents! Bottom line, Dave is the best gift you can give your dog and ultimately your family!"

                                                                        Bina, Craig & "Winston"   Tega Cay, SC

Hiking with rescue Cattle Dog

"I found out about Dave from a coupon book and also from a friend that had used him for training and highly recommended him. I adopted a rescue that was 2+ years old. He was very sweet with us but had fear aggression when we had people over and sometimes while out hiking. He had nipped at several people and I knew that I had to do something before it became a bigger problem and he would be taken away or put down. Dave recommended board and train for a month. It was a huge investment for me, but I wanted to be a responsible pet owner and get the help that my dog needed. I was able to see my dogs progress from Dave posting videos. I could not believe the progress he made. It was like getting a totally different dog back. I know that now I have to do the work to keep him on track, but Dave did a great job explaining what we needed to do after we got our dog back. He is more confident and such a pleasure to walk with. Can't wait to take him on more adventures with confidence that he will be a well behaved dog. I can't thank Dave and Allegiant K9 enough."

                                                     - Jo, Norm and "Reedy"   Concord, NC

"This is Matt & Amy, owners of the dog aggressive "Tucker" on the videos page. Meeting with Dave went beyond "training." Dave explained to us why Tucker was acting the way he did and taught us how to correct his behavior. With one session, Dave got us to a point where we could allow Tucker to be more relaxed in unfamiliar places and not react when he is around other dogs. 


Tucker is the 2nd dog we brought to Dave. Our other dog (another Pit bull- mix named "Becky") had similar issues. 2 days after our session, we took Becky to a local store with a lot of dogs. We were able to walk her calmly around them and she was much more relaxed. 


We will definintely be scheduling follow-up visits with Dave to fine tune what we have learned. It is great to find a trainer that is willing to work with difficult cases. Dave does a great job and it is apparent that he loves his work. We thank him for everything he has done for us!" 


                                                       -Matt, Amy, "Tucker" and "Becky"  

Aggressive Pit bull dog Training
golden retriever dog

When I started looking at trainers for Charlie, I called 6 different places. When I called Dave, I instantly heard his passion for working with dogs. At first we did weekly sessions with him and our pup, Charlie, which were great. Then we decided to let Dave take him for 10 days to train him, which were even better. Charlie has gone from a crazy puppy to a sweet, well behaved dog all thanks to Dave! We have referred him to so many people because we trust Dave with Charlie and know he is a magic man when it comes to dogs. You will not regret working with Dave, he is simply incredible.

                                                                           -Victoria, Aaron & "Charlie"  Rock Hill, SC

"Dave has helped me with both of my golden retrievers - Brewster (age 9) and Dutch (age 2). Dave first helped me when Brewster was 4 years old and pulled on the leash so much that I didn't want to take him hiking with me. Dave quickly had us enjoying our hikes on leash (we now go all the time) and started Brew on off leash training. Fast forward a few years and he helped again with Dutch. When we moved to a new home and Dutch started fence fighting with the neighbor's dogs, Dave came and helped my husband and me learn how to correct Dutch's behavior properly. It has been about a month and we have made huge progress - we are already enjoying our backyard more with Dutch who is now ignoring the neighbor's dogs even when they jump on the fence! I can't thank Dave enough - when he started working with me and Brewster I was a first-time dog owner and didn't know much - he never judged what I hadn't done with Brewster and just focused on solutions. He also always made sure I fully understood and was comfortable with the training techniques (altering if needed). I highly recommend him!"

                                                                                   -Sarah, "Brewster" and "Dutch"

Training a Golden Retriever for obedience
Reactive dogs in training

"I contacted Dave after a friend of mine had their dog trained with Dave. I have tried other training programs in the past that failed and decided I would have to live with how my 2 dogs behave on our daily walks. It got to the point I stopped taking them out of the neighborhood because it was too hard on me to walk them with distractions on greenways and hikes. Dave met with me and discussed the issues I was having and explained how he could help get them both to be better walkers so that we all could enjoy our daily walks. He said I would get to the point where I could walk them with holding both leashes by one finger which I thought would be an unreachable goal. I signed them both up for the board and train program and watched the videos Dave uploaded of their training. I was amazed at their progress after just a couple of days but still didn’t think I would get the same behavior once they were home. It has been about 6 weeks and I have 2 wonderfully trained dogs who I enjoy walking. They are not perfect and still get distracted occasionally but by following Dave’s training tips I get them focused back on our walk quickly."

                                                                     Carrie, "Snickers" & "Skittles"  Concord, NC

Dave has a passion for animals. Our American Staffordshire Terrier is the center of our family's attention but Lexi had serious aggression towards other animals. A walk during daylight hours was never in our agenda due to her aggression.

After sessions with Dave, we now feel comfortable walking Lexi around other dogs, simultaneously respecting her comfort barrier. We've had multiple encounters with dogs since Dave's departure with no problems.

We definitely recommend Allegiant K9 to anyone looking to improve their dogs behavior and or attention. He has great respect for dogs and their owners, while also showing professional training techniques. Thank you and Good Luck Dave!

                                                                            -Bill, Holly & "Lexie"   Rock Hill, SC

Training with an aggressive Pit bull Charlotte dog training
Board and Train Dog Training Charlotte

We took on more than we bargained for when we adopted two shelter puppies at the same time. Dave literally rescued us and our rescue dogs by taking them both for a month long board and train. Wrigley and Goose learned how to get along with each other, and behave in the house and various environments both on and off leash. Throughout Dave kept us updated with pictures, videos, and texts and then patiently taught us how to maintain discipline in our home and continue the training. He is understanding of the dogs' different needs and able to adapt his strategies to be effective for a variety of situations. Our dogs trust Dave and enjoy their time learning and we do too. We highly recommend Dave and Allegiant K9s!!

                                -Tim, Sarah & the pups, "Wrigley" & "Goose"      Charlotte, NC

"We hired Dave to help us train our two Boxers for Off-Leash adventures, we hate leashing our dogs unless absolutely necessary. As owners, we are firm believers in letting our dogs be dogs, but at the same time, remain near us no matter the distraction, when that becomes necessary on our outdoor adventures. From the moment Dave came into our home, Hank and Gerti immediately warmed up to him, and knew they had a new cool friend. Dave thoroughly went over his off-leash program, and spent a long time getting to know them on that first visit. We told Dave our goals for off-leash training, which was to let our dogs be dogs, not necessarily at our side all the time, but in a "bubble" around us, that would still allow them to play and explore, but return to us when called and/or ignore distraction when necessary. Dave was very easy to work with, very flexible schedule wise, and clearly very trustworthy, we knew our dogs were in good hands. Dave worked with our dogs one on one, came and picked them up, took them to parks, gave us progress reports, and after the amount of sessions he said it would take for the dogs, he came and trained us...! Dave's work was remarkable, Hank and Gerti are solid, and now our off leash walks and Northern Michigan adventures with our mutts will be stress free..! Charlotte North Carolina's gain is Michigan's loss..! Hire Dave, he'll fix your dog...!"                                                                      

                                                                                                          -The Smith's

Training Boxers Dog Training
Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation Charlotte

We brought our dog, Frankie to Dave for a 2 week board and train program to address reactivity to other dogs and to have him trained off leash. Dave did a great job with him. The progress he made in a short amount of time was great. We did find out that Frankie's reactivity is mostly to do with our neighborhood and Dave took the extra time to make sure we were addressing these issues properly. I would highly recommend Dave as a trainer. He is patient and genuinely cares about his clients and their dogs. We now have the tools to work with Frankie and feel confident in any situation and we can take him on hikes or walks off leash with no worries.  

                                                                        - Kelley, Jim, and "Frankie"   Charlotte, NC


I have a 1 year old Shiba Inu who I love so much but is (or was) TERRIBLE! Keiko barked at anything moving, attacked my broom and vacuum every time I tried to clean, darted out the front door and refused to come inside, did not listen when she is told to sit/stay and is extremely standoffish. It got to the point where I absolutely had to have her trained or her fear aggression may have gotten worse and ended with her possibility biting a stranger. After speaking to multiple trainers, including some who said my dog was "untrainable", Dave immediately made me feel comfortable and confident in his ability to put Keiko on the right path to success. After spending a month with Dave, Keiko now not only listens to all of my commands but is also SO much more confident in herself. I avoided every possible scenario that involved strangers coming into my home but now I have the knowledge and tools necessary to control her actions. I can't thank Dave enough!

                                                                                     Amber & "Keiko"   Charlotte, NC

Rednose Pit bull dog training

"We rescued Red in Dec 2016. He was very fearful, wouldn't walk on a leash, no manners nor obedience. We tried for three months but our lives were stessfully chaotic due to Red. We were at the point of trying to re-home him until we saw our cousin used Dave so we gave him a call. He sat with us and listened and told us all he had to offer. He recommended a 28 day Board and Train with him and we agreed. We were able to see Red's progress through photos and videos the whole time. When we received Red home, he was a transformed dog. He walks on a leash, he has discipline, we have control in our home. Red still deals with fear and he always will but Dave gave us the tools we need to help him and handle these situations now. We couldn't imagine not having Red as part of our family and we owe it all to Dave. Thanks Dave."

                                                                                    - Karen and "Red"  York, SC

Need Help Training Your Dog ? Let us share with you the training of our dogs, and our experience with Dave Meyer of Allegiant K 9s. We are two senior citizens who lost a wonderful dog a year ago, and we felt the need to fill the "empty nest". A trip to the country found us in love with two chocolate Lab puppies. So precious, but little did we know of their high energy level. Wow ! Remember we are two senior citizens. We hadn't planned on a full time job ! It totally changed our live styles and we were not ready to to begin with training. Fortunately, a friend knew we were having a difficult time and recommended Dave Meyer. Only then did we have a sense of hope knowing that our lives would be much improved. At our first session, the evaluation, we knew we had made the right decision , asking Dave to please take on our dogs. From that meeting, with Dave, we knew we were in good hands and so were the dogs. At this point they were five months. Dave used a variety of techniques with our boys, and us. He is extremely knowledgeable about dogs, and what works for them. He was always well-planned, always on time, and full of ideas that helped us help our dogs.You won't find a better trainer. His business card says, Seeing Is Believing. Our dogs love Dave, and so do we and deeply appreciate his lessons for them and for us. We highly recommend him as a trainer, and because we know he will always be there for us and the dogs if we need him. We have boarded them with him on a weekend, and he and the dogs loved it. And we are getting ready to let them be boarded soon. We promise you, you can't go wrong to hire him for training.

                                                          Lynda M.  "Hershey" & "Toby"          Clover, SC

Chocolate Labrador Puppies
Off Leash Dog Training Charlotte, NC

"I am very fortunate and privileged that I was able to work with Dave. He is someone who has great respect for animals and it truly showed through his training. My Rhodesian Ridgeback Remi, has basic obedience on leash and “HAD” no obedience or respect for me off leash. Dave explained his approach on how he was going to train Remi. At this point I was more than excited to start the process. Dave had Remi training off leash by the second session!! On our 4th session it was time for my training. With Dave having been a teacher in his past, he was able to give clear and precise cues that I was able to pick up quickly and confidently. There is no better feeling than to have the confidence in your dog and yourself to be able to enjoy a hike through the woods, a walk in the park with dogs and people around, or to let your dog out in an un-fenced area and not have to worry. There is no question that I would highly recommend Dave to anyone."

Thanks again Dave!!!!        


                                                                          -Chris & "Remi"

"Dave has continued to help our mastiff puppy grow and develop into a dog that listens and makes her own good choices! This is huge for us especially since our pup is HUGE too haha. We started with a few In-home sessions and saw a difference immediately. Once she was old enough Dave welcomed her to his pack for a month as a board and train dog at his home. She matured so much over a month that we weren't sure we got the right dog back. Dave truly has a passion for working with dogs and their owners. I never though I would have a dog I could take off-leash, anywhere, and be confident she would listen. Without Dave our relationship with our dog would not be where it is today."

                                                                Emily, Alden & "Melley" Charlotte, NC

I did a lot of research, contacted several trainers, and Dave at Allegiant K9 was the most knowledgeable of my breed and his overall demeanor was welcoming which made me feel comfortable putting my babes in his hands. It was by far the best decision I've ever made for me and my pups!! Dave actually saw me walking my babes in our neighborhood one day, so he knew what I was dealing with first hand when I called him. 

I have a one year old pit bull and a three year old pit bull mix. They have a lot of energy and together weigh approximately 140 pounds. You can imagine what walks are like when you're being drug down the street by 140 pounds of dog, and they're going nuts every time they see another dog, rabbit, etc. I thought I was going to have to have rotator cuff surgery if I didn't get some help soon! Then I found the best trainer ever, Dave!!

Within their first two sessions with Dave I could see a huge difference in not just their behavior while walking, but also when at home and people would come over. They were more confident and calm all around. They both now walk at a great heel position and have basically no reaction to passing dogs!! It's amazing and honestly I'm elated!!!! I cannot thank Dave enough! He has definitely changed our lives!! The time, effort, knowledge, attention, and true understanding of dogs that Dave has and puts in is amazing!!

                                                                      -Jessica  "Ryder" & "Liza"     Charlotte, NC

We are pleased to leave a review for Allegiant K9s and Dave Meyer for the superb training of our dog, Davina. Prior to coming to Allegiant K9s Davina was known to be an escape artist; every time the door opened she made a bee line for outside and once out there was no telling where she'd run or how long it'd take to get her back. She was also a jumper and not great on a leash. Her time with Dave was well spent as we have a new dog that doesn't break out, listens and obeys commands, is a pleasure to walk, and such fun to take camping. Dave has been a huge support - coming out for an in-home follow up, giving creative ways to mix up her training so neither she or we become bored with it, working out a couple of minor issues with on leash walking (owner's as well as dog's), and being a huge encouragement to us. We look forward to sending our other dog to Dave for much needed training come the new year! Can't thank you enough, Dave, for the excellent care and training you extended to Davina and us.

                                                         -Shelley, Chris and "Davina"  Matthews, NC

Bernese Mountain Dog and Borde Collie cross dog training

"We sent our dog Ozzie to Dave for board and off leash training a little less than two months ago and we could not be happier with our decision. Mike's first walk with Ozzie after his return home was about 2 miles and they passed about a dozen dogs, rabbits, squirrels, kids, kids and adults on bikes, lawn mowers, and more. Ozzie never pulled on the leash and he could not have been more calm and observant to Mike. Ozzie was sitting each time Mike stopped without verbal command or correction. Mike said that the walk was amazing, relaxing, and what he always wanted it to be. At this point in time, Mike has walked Ozzie off leash on his daily walk for the last 6 weeks. Each walk has been great, whether it is day time, night time, good weather, rainy weather, or anything in between. The obedience and attentiveness to us when we walk is fabulous. It is like we got a different dog back. We have progressed to walking Ozzie with our older dog Cooper and the experience is just as pleasant and easy. The entire family has even done some walks and they have been great too. Ozzie has even made a couple of off leash runs easy and without issue. The benefits have not just been on the walks. Ozzie is a much calmer and more obedient dog in general. He is better behaved in the house, more quick to react to our directions in the house, and can even sleep out of his crate at night. Dave gave Ozzie the gift of self-control through obedience and it has improved the quality of life for every member of this home. I cannot recommend Dave more and thank him enough for the positive experience and changed relationship with our dog. If you want to see quick, positive, and lasting changes with your pup and the quality of the relationship, go to Dave!"

                                                            - Wendy & Mike S & "Ozzie"       Charlotte, NC

"I rescued a super active (hyper) and intelligent pup (Max) of 18 months. I worked with him for over a month but could not get to a place that we could do the things I wanted from my new partner. I was introduced to Dave at Allegiant K9s via a friend. Max was with Dave for one month, where he learned basic and advanced commands. Sit, stay, heal, place, down and off leash, mountain biking and paddle boarding. Max has been home a few weeks and the transition has been incredible. Many people that had seen Max drag me around on walks, jump on people to lick them and have no manners have said "Jeff, that can't be the same dog!" I highly recommend Allegiant K9's for your dog of any age. Thanks to Dave, we can now go any where with trust in each other."

                                          -Jeff G.  & "Max"     Charlotte, NC 

Boxer dog off leash in water
Off Leash Border Collie dog

"I find it appropriate to give a big shout out to Allegiant K9s and Dave Meyer on national dog day. A few months back our dogs used to walk us, and it was a less than a desirable experience. My wife Dana used to not be able to take both dogs out at once and was worn out after only a few minutes. After doing a two week board and train experience with Alligent K9, Luna and Bacon are now able to walk by our side single or both, on leash or off leash, and it is a very enjoyable experience. So great work Luna and Bacon for now being a joy to exercise with...... and 1,000 thanks, which is not enough, to Dave Meyer who knows dogs and how to properly train them. I am happy to be a reference to anyone who is debating professional dog training with Alligent K9, they were a pleasure to work with, communication channels were open when our dogs were in their care, and the follow-ups have been great." 

                                              - The Walsers, "Bacon" & "Luna"                                                                                 Salisbury, NC

I’m not usually one to write a review but for this I just HAD too. Oliver our 1 year old rescue pit mix participated in a 3 week board and train with Dave and it was seriously the best purchase we have ever made. Oliver was an over friendly dog and an extremely social butterfly, all he wanted to do was greet and play with other dogs and people which become a huge issue when it came to walks. He’s 60 pounds of pure muscle and every time we left the house he would just pull so much it was extremely distressing and uncomfortable especially because he would NOT listen at all. Me and my husband are both very active and always said that when we got a dog we couldn’t wait to take him hiking, walking and just everywhere with us, but unfortunately this couldn’t be the case with Oliver. Not only was he a bad puller, but he would also jump on people who came over, he was very boisterous in our home which was very embarrassing. Oliver would also play very rough and was extremely mouthy which stopped us from ever wanting to play with him at all.
We didn’t know what could be possible but after JUST 3 weeks of training Oliver came home a whole new dog. He’s still his goofy lovable self but he has structure and boundaries, he listens EVERY time we tell him a command AND not only does he walk amazing and is completely obedient, but he’s also totally off-leash (dream come true). He doesn’t crave attention from others, he doesn’t work himself up when he sees other dogs or people, we can happily go on a hike, go for a walk and even sit in a busy park and he stays right by our side totally relaxed and happy. His Jumping and mouthing is non-existent and he is just an absolute pleasure to have, he’s even much happier within himself not stressed out or crazy. I honestly believe whether your dog’s friendly or aggressive, shy or boisterous, calm or hyper, big or little, naughty or behaved that participating in Dave’s training whether it be the board and train or just purely walking and obedience training, Dave will build an even stronger relationship between you and your fur baby. Our relationship with Oliver has grown so much I am still completely overwhelmed with happiness, we trust him completely and we finally get to take him to all these wonderful places that we always wanted to go with him!! (he even gets complimented EVERY time we take him somewhere which is still crazy to me).
From start to finish Dave is super responsive and really keeps in close contact with you, he’s there every single step of the way, from giving regular updates on your dog’s training and then the endless amount of training help afterwards. Dave really knows what he’s doing and what he’s talking about and I felt completely comfortable putting my full trust in him and I’m so glad I did. If your reading this then your obviously thinking about dog training, honestly look no further (because I looked and researched for so long Oliver could have been reinvented sooner) Dave is yours and your dog’s guy!! If you need to see for yourself just follow this Facebook page he gives regular updates on all his dogs in training! Thanks again Dave, Oliver is now the perfect pup we dreamed of and more!!!!

                                                                                    -Hayley & Brian & "Oliver"   Huntersville, NC