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        Be sure to check out the dozens of our 5 star reviews on GOOGLE 

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"We LOVED working with Dave at Allegiant K9s! After reaching out to multiple trainers, and hearing a lot of "your dog is just too reactive," "his prey drive is too high," or "you'll never be able to confidently have him around other dogs or people," we were nervous to say the least! That all changed when we contacted Allegiant K9s! Dave went above and beyond throughout the entire process with us and made sure we felt comfortable and had manageable expectations of what training would do for our pup. The most glowing recommendation we can give though is the fact the Ozzy loved training so much he didn't even want to come home! Dave truly has a way with dogs and it is clear that the team at Allegiant K9s is passionate about what they do. Ozzy's training has helped him to become a much better behaved dog! We are able to take him out in public, walk him without worrying about him being distracted by neighborhood cats/squirrels or pulling at other dogs/people, and are even practicing off-leash work (something we never thought we would be able to do!). We are so incredibly grateful to Dave and Allegiant K9s! It was definitely an investment, but one that was absolutely worth it and that we would make again if we had the choice."

                                                                                   - Hannah S.

Hiking with pit bull on trail
Dog on boat with his owner

"We cannot express how positive and transformative our experience has been with Dave and AllegiantK9s. Our dog, Marco, attended the dedicated three week training period and the results were phenomenal: on-leash, off-leash, staying in "place", friendliness around other dogs and people, AND our ability to trim his nails without any drama. The investment was absolutely worth it: his confidence and obedience - without sacrificing his crazy energetic personality traits and lovingness - combined with our total collective happiness - has brought our whole dog-family experience up to the next level. Added to this: you get a relationship with AllegiantK9s family - as opposed to transactional dog training. Dave follows up with you and keeps the engagement hot with great social media announcements, outreach and communications about upcoming events. His love for man's best friend is inspiring and we look forward to continued fun being a part of the AK9 family of friends!"

                                                                                                        - Chuck M.

"I spent a solid month looking at different dog trainers in the area for my dog Alma. She’s the sweetest, most lovable dog but she started becoming hard to handle once she turned a year old. Reactive on leash, aggressive towards people/dogs, pulled on the leash so much that it was miserable to walk her and she had a tendency to bolt out of open doors. Once calling around to different places I came across Dave and from reading reviews and the first phone call discussing her behavior and his training style I was sold. His knowledge, enthusiasm and confidence was so evident that I knew she would be in good hands with him. I did the three week board and train and it was the best decision I’ve made for her, she truly came back to me as a different dog. She’s so well behaved now! I’ve always wanted a dog I could take hiking and little adventures with me and it’s truly strengthened our bond. I can now hike with her off leash and if we do come across people by chance she’ll come right back to me once I call for her. She doesn’t jump on our guests anymore, no more bolting out of doors, no aggressive behavior and I can take her for longer walks because it’s so much more enjoyable for the both of us and she comes with me for a lot more ride alongs in my Jeep. Dave is such a great communicator throughout the whole process and pays close attention to your pup and their training needs. He gives you daily updates specific to your pup, tips, tricks and even after training he has included follow up sessions to touch up in any areas needed. I highly, highly recommend Allegiant K9s. When the day comes that I add another four legged friend I’ll definitely return."

                                                                                       -Gabriella M. 

German Shepherd dog training
Duke with owner playing disc golf.jpg

Hey Anna! Wanted to share that Duke went to the Vet today and the Vet said he was so well behaved and not anxious at all. Normally we are not allowed to leave Duke at the Vet because of his behavior, but they said he was really great today. Also- they said they don't think he will need anxiety meds anymore which is a huge relief for us :) Thank you again!           - Pauline C.

"Dave was very honest and up front with us about realistic expectations for our very reactive dog. We are still in shock that our dog has made SO much progress. We went from having an un-walkable dog due to extreme reactivity towards any delivery truck and most dogs to having a tool and communication with our dog to walk him in Freedom Park on a busy warm Saturday and zero reactions. We both could not recommend AllegiantK9 enough, we are kicking ourselves for not doing this years ago. Dave went above and beyond as far as communication during board & train and we truly feel that he is committed to Chubbs lifetime success. We could not be happier with our decision to choose AllegiantK9."

                                                                                             - Samantha W.

Rescue dog training
Beagle Puppies in training

"We wanted to have our beagle Tucker trained so we could take him on trips and outing with us without having to worry about him running away. After researching multiple dog trainers in the Charlotte area we are greatful that we chose Allegiant K9. The training that Tucker received from Dave was top-notch and was worth every penny. One of our favorite things he learned from his training, is that he is able to walk off leash while staying right by our side, and we never have to worry about him not listening or running off. We now live in Florida and have since gotten a second beagle. We were so pleased with the results from Dave with Tucker that we have decided to travel to Charlotte to have Gunner trained with Dave. I cannot recommend Dave and Allegiant K9 enough. They are so professional, kind, great at communicating, and are an all around great dog trainer to work with."

                                                                                                    -Adam F.

         Be sure to check out the dozens of our 5 star reviews on GOOGLE

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